Faculty of Arts:

Faculty of Arts:
F.Y.B.A. (Gen.) S.Y.B.A. (Gen. /Spl.) T.Y.B.A. (Gen. /Spl.)
Compulsory English Compulsory English Compulsory English
Marathi Marathi Marathi
Hindi Hindi Hindi
History History History
Political Science Political Science Political Science
Economics Economics Economics
Geography Geography Geography
Optional English Optional English Optional English

Faculty of Commerce:

Faculty of Commerce:
F.Y.B.Com. S.Y.B.Com. T.Y.B.Com.
Compulsory Subjects: Compulsory Subjects: Compulsory Subjects:
Compulsory English Business Communication Business Regulatory Framework
Financial Accounting Corporate Accounting Advanced Accounting
Business Economics Business Economics Indian and Global Economics
Business Mathematics and Statistics Business Management Auditing and Taxation
-- Elements of Company Law --
Optional Group: ‘A’ Specializations: Specializations:
Banking and Finance Cost and Works Accounting-I Cost and Works Accounting-II & III
Organisation Skill Development Business Entrepreneurship-I Business Entrepreneurship-II & III
Optional Group: ‘B’ Marketing Management-I Marketing Management-II & III
Insurance and Transport -- --
Marketing and Salesmanship -- --
Optional Group: ‘C’ -- --
Additional Marathi -- --
Additional Hindi -- --

Faculty of Science:

Faculty of Science:
F.Y.B.Sc. S.Y.B. Sc. T.Y.B. Sc.
Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry
Geography Geography Botany
Botany Botany Zoology
Zoology Zoology Mathematics
Physics Physics Geography
Mathematics Mathematics --
-- Marathi --
-- Hindi --