Since a long time, the National Service Scheme (NSS) has played an important role in strengthening the spirits and brains of college students. This scheme's overarching goal is education and service to society and the community. It is a programme in which students help to meet the needs of the community as needed. It will also assist students in conversing with society. Students that participate in this programme develop a wide range of behavioural and interaction abilities. During the college's camps, they visit the rural regions as NSS volunteers. The NSS volunteers take the initiative in establishing a technological environment and also assist the underprivileged in improving themselves. The programme encourages the ability to convey them in an effective manner.


  • NSS is a commendable experiment in academic development
  • It embodies the belief of volunteering among instructors and students in order to preserve community involvement.
  • It demonstrates how to integrate knowledge and action to produce the desired outcomes that contribute to community development.


  • Comprehend the community in which the volunteers serve
  • Recognise their community's needs and challenges and participate in the problem-solving process
  • To bring national integration and social peace into practise
  • Developing leadership skills and a democratic perspective
  • Develop the skills needed for group life and responsibility sharing
  • To understand how to promote public participation

Motto of NSS

The motto of NSS is “NOT ME BUT YOU” This reflects the essence of democratic living

Our N.S.S. Department:

  • Our N.S.S. Department has established in 2013-14
  • Total N.S.S Unit sanctioned by 100 Volunteers for Regular activities
  • Total N.S.S Unit sanctioned by 50 Volunteers for Special Camping Programme.
  • N.S.S. Department has organized Special Camping Programme in adopted village in each year
  • N.S.S. Department has organized various Programmes activities - Swachha Bharat Abhiyan, Road Safety Programme, Tree-Plantation, Blood Donation Camp, Youth Week & Festivals etc.

Volunteer’s Participation in NSS

  • Every Volunteer will be Enrolled for Two Years
  • Every volunteer should compulsorily attend One Residential Camp of 7 Days.
  • When a Volunteer completes all the above said criteria, He/ She is qualified for NSS Grade Points in their Academics.


Name of the Member Designation
Prin. Dr. R. P. Bhamare Principal
Prof. V.S Sable Programme officer
Prof. B. R. Khandvi Asst. Programme officer
Prof. Miss H. D. Pawar Asst. Programme officer
Prin. Dr. R. P. Bhamare

Prof. V.S Sable Programme Officer

Prof. B. R. Khandvi Asst. Programme Officer

Prof. Smt. H.D. Pawar Asst. Programme Officer

Volunteer’s Enrollment Details

Year No of Total Volunteers enrolled Male Female
2021-2022 100 48 52
2020-2021 100 45 55
2019-2020 100 49 51
2018-2019 100 49 51
2017-2018 50 25 25

Special Camp Volunteers

Year No of Total Volunteers enrolled Male Female
2021-2022 50 26 24
2020-2021 50 24 26
2019-2020 50 26 24
2018-2019 50 26 24
2017-2018 25 13 12

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